Razer may be developing a phone

Razer may be developing a phoneIt is a very long time that Razer was happy building keyboards, gaming mice and headphones. The company every January shows a crazy new computer in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics and now reports Bloomberg that Razer is working on a phone.

We are not aware about the device, it may be “a mobile device merely customized for its consumer base of hardcore gamers,” according to Bloomberg’s multiple anonymous sources.

However, Razer denied commenting. A Razer phone will not be a surprising development. In January, Razer bought Nextbit, the 30-person tiny manufacturer of the Nextbit Robin smartphone, and stopped sales immediately of that device. Nextbit’s team included Google and HTC veterans, including Scott Croyle, the longtime HTC design director, whose Twitter and LinkedIn pages suggest he may work for the company.

“As for the future products,” Tom Moss, Nextbit CEO told CNET at the time, “I am forbidden strictly from breathing a word.” Moss’ LinkedIn page currently shows him as Razer’s senior vice president and mobile section general manager.

Notably, Razer also announced with European a partnership cellular carrier Three back in May.

But if Razer is creating a phone, it may be expected to be a flagship handset for Smartphone buyers around the world? Razer has a track record of revealing ideas for ambitious products that never make it to the market or at the most see extremely limited release, and it may lend its brand and design chops to other companies.

Bloomberg also suggests that Razer is gearing to take the company public (in Hong Kong) to raise funds to build a phone, thereby hinting that Razer’s serious about the idea.

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