Bomb Suspects’ Lawyers Accuses Feds Of Wrongly Framing Their Client As Terrorist

Bomb Suspects Lawyers Accuses Feds Of Wrongly Framing Their Client As TerroristIn New York, the man who has been accused by the federal authorities to have been plotting bomb occurrences in several locations in New York and New Jersey is now set for another accusation. But this time the accusation is made from the man’s side as his lawyers are claiming that the federal authorities have been framing their client as a bomber, though he is an innocent man who did nothing.

On Thursday, in a federal courtat Manhattan, there was a situation inside the court made by the defense lawyers who mentioned since the October trial, the accused Ahmad Khan Rahimi has been victimizing with many serious accuses, which was brought by the prosecutors.

The defense lawyers clarify that the prosecutors have shown many self-made accusations like Rahimi preserved a gun which was have been shot at a police officer and also been charged him with attempted to murder in New Jersey.

Rahimi was charged with exploding a pipe bomb near at the seaside park, which is in New Jersey, and established two pressure cooker missiles in the Manhattan which happen in the last September. Though the bombs near Manhattan did injure 30 people in total, the Seaside Park bomb didn’t injure anyone or killed (includes Manhattan bomb too).

The claims made by Rahimi’s lawyers are absurd by the prosecutors, as per them the lawyers want to exclude the substances which are very important to the case. The court was adjourned for the next session, which was still not fixed, as per a source from the court.

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