13-Year-Old Brother Accidentally Shot & Killed His 10-Year-Old Brother In Missouri

13-Year-Old Brother Accidentally Shot & Killed His 10-Year-Old Brother In MissouriIn St. Louis, Missouri, an incident occurred in the city, which cannot imagine by anyone, as a boy who was just 10-year old was shot by his big brother who is 13-year old now, the incident was accidental, but the boy who got shot died within minutes.

The mother of the boys was arrested by the police soon after the incident turned into a fatal one, which was after the police arrived at the place.

A prelim report was placed by the St. Louis Police, where it was registered that soon after the elder brother who shot his younger one, their mother panicked and called for the 911 dispatcher. Where they have been found that the agency has sent ambulance along with them there were police, and when the little boy was taken to the hospital, his mother was also with them, but the paramedics declared that the boy was dead when they were transporting.

A few minutes later, in a hospital, the doctors there declared that the boy is no more, and then the police arrested the mother of the boys. The charges against the mother of the boys are not known, but it is known that she is in the police custody till now.

The 13-year old found the gun from a safe location, after that he was playing with his younger brother, when the gun went off, which leads the injuries on the younger boy, and later turned into a fatal one, and leads the elder one into juvenile police custody.

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