Samsung Pay Is Enhancing Support for PayPal Accounts

Samsung Pay Is Enhancing Support for PayPal AccountsSamsung Pay is enhancing support for PayPal accounts allowing users to integrate their PayPal accounts and to use them as a payment form using Samsung’s mobile payment solution.

Here the users can select their compatible debit or credit cards like always and it will also show the ability of paying drawing money from their account in PayPal, if they desire. This certainly marks for Samsung Pay a big change in the mobile payment space as it puts them with Android Pay on even ground that recently initiated enhancing the support of PayPal account earlier this year to its mobile payment service.

The moment PayPal accounts are combined with Samsung Pay, users can select their PayPal account and make convenient payments for purchases at all the places they can pay using their credit or debit cards via Samsung Pay that permits online purchases, in-store purchases such that the Samsung Pay is accepted. Perhaps as anticipated, Samsung is creating this option first to the U.S.-based Samsung Pay users as a priority and will be soon introducing it to other regions where Samsung Pay is already running. Nevertheless, Samsung has given no details when exactly the U.S. users will get to use or see this option appearing in their Samsung Pay app.

There is no mention of where users can add PayPal in their Samsung Pay accounts, though it is assured that this option will be available in the PayPal app and the Samsung Pay app, same as the Android Pay. Right now, even the location of each app option is unknown, but the U.S. users can have the Samsung Pay installed as it is possible to integrate PayPal and is made available already.

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