Online Cult Linked To Pennsylvania Murder, Says Police

Online Cult Linked To Pennsylvania Murder, Says PoliceThe Pennsylvania police said the local man who got murder by his girlfriend was asked to kill him to escape from an online cult of which he was a part of for quite a few times. This cult is nothing but the hundreds such fake ones which talk about alien invasions and end of day’s theories that were there for many years, said by an official.

The police forces have accused the 42-year old girlfriend with criminal homicide, whose identity has been released by the police as Barbara Rogers, who is now in police custody after a non-bailable warrant issued against her. Rogers called 911 soon after she killed her boyfriend and she also didn’t run away, or she hides the truth from the police, as she confessed that she killed her boyfriend at his own will.

She claims her boyfriend, Steven Mineo a 32-year old man, was linked with some online cult and he was depressed with the outcome, so she was asked to kill him, she does as she was requested to from Mineo.

Rogers fired a fatal shot from a gun to the forehead of Mineo from a close-range, and later to that, and she called the 911 dispatcher to report the death, as per the Monroe County Police, who also said the incident occurred in a Coolbaugh Township apartment.

Both of the couples were a part of some kind of cult, which is entirely online based, and they were brainwashed, as per some experts believes, with the news of alien attacks and others.

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