Jordanian Soldier Was At Last Been Convicted Over Killing Of 3 American Soldiers

Jordanian Soldier Was At Last Been Convicted Over Killing Of 3 American SoldiersIn Amman, Jordan, on Monday, a Jordanian military court has convicted the soldier who all this time was accused of killing three US soldiers after he opens fire at the American servicemen which killed them, says a court official.

The unnamed Jordanian soldier now sentenced to a lifetime in prison with hard labor, which was released by the court’s authorities soon after the court’s session was over, and especially after the sentence was delivered inside the military court. Though it is said, the Jordanian soldier had pleaded not guilty when he was asked if he will confess or not, and according to him, his reason to open fire is that he got scared when the forces came actually to aid them in a battle situation.

He and other soldiers were stationed at the main gate of the base they were defending, which came under severe attack, and when the American soldiers came in as reinforcement, the Jordanian soldier got the scared thought of IS and fired his gun that left three American soldiers dead.

On the other hand, while in the middle of the court sessions, the Jordanian military officials said that the American soldiers broke the entry rule which left their soldiers dead, but they had withdrawn any such kind of claims under apparently by the US pressure.

Many people still are not happy with the result that appears on the court order the accused to life imprisonment by hard labor, many of the deceased’s family members said the verdict must be a death penalty, though it didn’t happen.

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