Chinese Ship Spotted Near Alaskan Shore, Authorities Showed Concern

Chinese Ship Spotted Near Alaskan Shore, Authorities Showed ConcernIn Anchorage, Alaska, a Chinese ship spotted near the shores of Alaska, which is nearer to the region where last week THAAD anti-ballistic missile system was tested, and this incident raises concern among the US authorities as they think it was a spy ship. As no one thought for a Chinese ship would come so near to the US shore, and especially near to the region from where the missile was tested, says a US official.

According to many experts, the region’s command which is the North American Aerospace Defense Command had never been experienced with such kind of incident, though the ship was sailing 100 miles away from the US shore; still, this was different for the authorities. The experts also said that the Chinese spy ship came to the region to verify about the area from where THAAD anti-ballistic missiles were tested, which might be the only motive of the Chinese opponent.

There were multiple events happen in this month, which includes the North Korean tested its ICBM successfully, to counter that the US conduct carpet bombing exercise with Japan and South Korea. And, just a week ago the US even test fired its anti-ballistic missiles to show that it can handle the Korean missiles, now it follows with the Chinese spy ship near the Alaskan borders.

It should be noted that China had sent its warships to Alaska before which was in the year 2015, under President Obama, and there was not just one, but naval ships came close to an Alaskan island.

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