Woman Trapped Under Partial Building Debris Was Freed After 9 Hours

Woman Trapped Under Partial Building Debris Was Freed After 9 HoursIn Washington, Pennsylvania, an incident happened in the early Wednesday morning; a partial part of a three-stored building collapsed and after 9 hours a woman spending time under the debris of the partial building was evacuated, says an official.

The three-story building which got collapsed had a barber shop on the first floor, while the upper ones are residential apartments, and the woman was one of them, which allows her to be the victim of the collapse. But it was a miracle that the woman was alive in the whole event, as the rescue team took for nine hours to help the woman out from the debris when she was conscious and later taken to the hospital. The officials said that the woman was supposedly gone under or beside a refrigerator, which saved her from crushed to death.

Earlier than the woman involving rescue, two other people were sent to the hospital when they injured when the partial building collapsed, and also several people ran out for their life at that time.

On the other hand, the city authorities and other residents have warned the property owners who are identified as Mark and Melissa Russo, about the current condition of the building, but no one had ever taken any concern.

While the Russos are not able to be reached, but they have neglected the situation of the building, which also had a hearing on July 18, because of a March citation where a city building inspector and city code enforcement officer had made a report on the building.

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