Logitech acquires Astro for $85 million in cash

Logitech acquires Astro for $85 million in cashLogitech, the computer accessory company today announced it is acquiring Astro Gaming, for $85 million in cash. Astro Gaming is a prominent console gaming headset maker. Astro will join hands with the Logitech G division, Logitech’s PC gaming-focused sub-brand, as an integral part of a broader effort by the accessory maker to get a better foothold in this gaming console market. This deal is anticipated to close by the month of August end.

Astro offers an edge to Logitech in the accessory market. Though historically, Logitech served to the PC gamers by supplying keyboards, mice, headsets and also many other peripherals. Now, Logitech is joining hands with Astro to cover and expand its business focusing the broader accessory in the gaming market. Astro caters to professional and enthusiast console gamers. Right now, it appears that Logitech G will also be focusing on the peripherals of the PC and Astro will continue as the first console brand. The products of Astro works on PC and are marketed through the website of Astro and also through their own resellers the console gamers.

“Astro is the key player for premium console headsets and in fact, this is the choicest headset for console e-sports athletes,” said Logitech G’s vice president, Ujesh Desai, in a statement. “It is indeed an appropriate complement to Logitech G’s focus on PC gaming and we are actually delighted with our brand, team and products. Thus, in combination, we wish to make the game play real fun for gamers all over.

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