US & Russia Agreed To Decision On Syria For First Time In All These Years

US & Russia Agreed To Decision On Syria For First Time In All These YearsIn Hamburg, Germany, on Friday, an agreement was signed by both the powerful nations which led their coalition force in the fight against ISIS in the Syria, and this time the US and Russia had signed a cease-fire agreement in the southwest Syria.

The agreement was signed in the event when President Donald Trump’s visits Hamburg and in the first consultation with the Russian Chief Vladimir Putin. It is believed that both the nation involved in the ongoing Syrian Civil War which almost stepped in its 7th year and on the different front will merge to have a common enemy which is the Islamic States with this cease-fire agreement.

At the Damascus noon time, the ceasefire will go into effect, says one of the US officials while with a staff member from the governmentof Jordanian, who also been complicated in the deal, and one of the main pusher for the deal.

As per the US Administrator of the State, Rex Tillerson, who made a statement, said the ceasefire agreement was issued to make an understanding between the US and the Russian-led forces and reduce the ongoing violence between them. Tillerson also mentioned that this is one of the very complicated parts of the entire Syrian civil war, where it is necessary to look into the matter rather avoiding it.

Lastly, Tillerson mentioned that this might be the very first indication after World War II that the Russian side and the US side to be work composed in the Syrian Civil War.

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