Oklahoma City Fight Over Star Wars & Star Trek Includes Knife, Says Police

Oklahoma City Fight Over Star Wars & Star Trek Includes Knife, Says PoliceIn Oklahoma City, an incident occurred in an apartment in the city were two people arguing over Star Wars and Star Trek, which leads to a fight and then assault which includes a knife, later, the city police has to get in and apprehend one of them who started the assault.

According to the report which was released by the Oklahoma City Police, where it was said that Jerome Dewayne Whyte, who is a 23-year old man was arrested by the police officials on July 1, on the charges of assaulting a person over some fictional film series. While the actual police charges was a complaint of assault and battery, possession of marijuana plus Whyte was outstanding the Oklahoma County warrants.

The initial part of the incident was started from inside of an apartment which was located in the 1400 Block of NW 16 Street.

This involving Whyte and another person, who just went back into his room after stopping the argument in the middle, which raged Whyte and he shoved the other person to the ground. Again another small argument resulting another shoving to the ground, followed by Whyte wrapping his arm around the other person’s neck and started choking him.

This time the man reached for his pocket knife and pulled it out to scare Whyte, and he did scare him off, but before that while, in the process, Whyte tried to snatch the knife and cut himself. Soon after, Whyte realized that about the knife, so he left the room, and then the other fellow called the police.

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