New Jersey Transit Train Derails in New York at Penn Station

New Jersey Transit Train Derails in New York at Penn StationA New Jersey Transit train got derailed as it entered in New York on Thursday night at Pennsylvania Station, causing another set of delays on all Amtrak trains and New Jersey Transit just days prior to the major repairs begin at the nation’s busiest transit hub.

There appeared no indication of the derailment that happened at 9 pm on a train that has on board around 100 to 150 people with severe damage or injuries. The official New Jersey Transit described this episode as minor derailment in association with the Amtrak officials operating the station and tracks referred this as a ‘slow speed derailment’. This was not known immediately, on Twitter New Jersey Transit.

Passengers on the train, No. 3276 on the North Jersey Coast Line, said they felt it rock and then come to a halt in the Hudson River Tunnel leading into Penn Station. “Everyone knew what had happened immediately,” said Sherif Ahmed, who was traveling from North Jersey.

A New Jersey Transit train passenger, Mr. Ahmed said that one car derailed of the train, luckily no passengers were in it and no one got injured today, but the conductors said this will happen again,” he said.

After the derailment, the emergency workers boarded the train checking for injured passengers, said Rich Denison, another passenger. He said no one appeared hurt and that it was unclear if there has been any damage to the train.

Around two hours after the derailment, the train passengers were moved to a “rescue train,” Mr. Denison said. Transit officials announced at Penn Station that the train had derailed. Mr. Denison said the rescue train exited the tunnel and re-entered on another track not affected by the derailment.

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