Defending Words As Said By Trump’s Administration Against Travel Bans

Defending Words As Said By Trumps Administration Against Travel BansIn the Federal Court, the Trump’s administration has filed a brief defending the guidelines of the travel bans which was implemented last week. It barred the grandparents of the affected nations and limiting them from entering into the city of US. Even the administration wrote that the people should read the order of the Supreme Court regarding the travel bans.

Actually the travel ban policy reveals that the six major Muslim nations have been banned from providing visas. This ban was for 90 days but now it has been suspended for 120 days. For this refugee resettlement, the time was extended. It came into the effect around Thursday when justice decided that the case was at its fall.

Even the government and the Trump’s administration revealed that the person who belongs to this Muslim States and have best relationship with the US or its citizens has been refrained from this act. It means that the person close to US either with its citizens or administration will be given visas for getting entry into the country. They are not included in the travel ban.

The Supreme Court perfectly revealed the type of relationships which would constitute the entry of these people into the country especially at the time of the effective policy ban. With this, Trump formulated its own policies and permitted children, parents or spouses whose relations live in US. They would not face any kind of hassle in this cases and will be granted permission to enter into the country.

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