Arkansas Club Shooting Left 25 People Injured, Police On Investigation

Arkansas Club Shooting Left 25 People Injured, Police On InvestigationIn Little Rock, Arkansas, on early Saturday morning, the local police got a call from a nightclub where a shooting took place that left 25 people injured, and one of them is a 16-year old kid.

As per the Little Rock City Police Department said in a statement, which is about the incident that starts past local time 2 o’clock in the Saturday early morning, and around 2:30 am local time 911 has been dialed. The cops responded to the emergency call and reached the Power Ultra Lounge, but the shooter has left the place by that time.

But, when the police arrived at the nightclub, the incident was over, and there were 25 people injured, and among the victim, there was a 16-year old, and all other victims are under 25-years of age. Though it was known primarily that one among the 25 victims was critically injured, whom the officials rushed to a nearby hospital, along with others, and later news came, the victim is out of danger. While the other victims, who are reciting in a hospital and overcome their injuries.

In an initial investigation, the police officials came to know that the shooting took place due to some dispute, which was broke out among some people. And, later it was also clarified that there was a dispute between two groups, rather people be the judge and described the shooting as a terrorist act. It was gang violence, and there was no planned terrorist attack took place at the nightclub, said Police Chief Kenton Buckner.

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