Anti-Jewish Banner At New Jersey Town Holocaust Memorial Post By Vandals

Anti-Jewish Banner At New Jersey Town Holocaust Memorial Post By VandalsIn Lakewood, New Jersey, some vandals represents their intentions after posting a banner that hurts the Jewish people of the country, the anti-Jewish banner was hosted on a Holocaust memorial present in the shore town of the state.

Recently, the town has gained its reputation as several accusations obtained on the people as they were misrepresenting their income to obtain public welfare benefits, which is accused by several residents in the town.

On the contrary, on Sunday itself, some photos posted online by the Anti-Defamation League’s poster that was hosted on the Lakewood Memorial, and the name of the group is also mentioned along with the anti-Jewish slur wrapped on the memorial. Thus, the authorities have announced on Sunday itself that they offer $10,000 reward for anybody who can give any information about the accused people who are responsible for the anti-Jewish banner.

Till now, seven couples who are the residents of Lakewood, including the rabbi and his wife are accused of misrepresenting their incomes and gaining benefits from the public welfare fund, which rates the anti-racial statements of the people living in the town. Mostly the Jewish people are accused of hiding their income, while the other people from other racial backgrounds are not being a part of these misrepresentations of income; thus the Jewish people are being targeted.

There is an investigation placed by the police officials who are thinking the local non-Jewish teens are responsible for the horrendous act, but they don’t know who have done it, so they’ll need some time.

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