Animal Welfare Effort While Putting Off Arizona Wildfires By Firefighters

In Prescott Valley, Arizona, on Sunday morning, it was revealed by the officials that there is a stubborn group of firefighters, who are very much efficient in helping others, as they were evacuating people to escape from the fire. While they are evacuating people, they found a small baby deer which was then evacuated, and when they were rescuing the baby, it was recorded and released on the internet social media and gone viral.

As the post on the social media giant Facebook, where a video was posted on Friday showing that a group of firefighters rescued two deer fawns in a daring effort. The effort off saving two baby deer became so popular that on Sunday, the Arizona firefighter’s authorities have made a statement on the rescue, and got a response from the whole world, in particular on the social media.

It was reported that the deer fawns were found in the dense Prescott National Forest, which is exactly located at Prescott’s southeastern part just a few miles away when those two animals were found close to the raging fire and saved by the firefighters before they were grasping. The town of Prescott is located about 100 miles from the state capital, Phoenix city, and this town was the wildfire is raging is a mountain town which surrounds by mountain and densely spread forest.

The firefighters, on the other hand, were able to contain more than 55 percent of the fire as of Sunday morning, which was started on June 24.

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