NYC Hospital Shooting Incident Leaves Multiple Wounded Plus Gunman Dead

NYC Hospital Shooting Incident Leaves Multiple Wounded Plus Gunman DeadIn NYC, on Friday afternoon, a gunman entered the hospital with a rifle under his lab coat and started shooting on the people who were in the hospital, which left multiple people wounded; few suffer minor injuries while others’ conditions are serious.

The gunman later killed himself before the police could arrest him, says one of the officials who reached the spot.

According to the report released just after the incident took place, where they revealed that a gunman came into the hospital wearing a lab court, and then opened fire on the people who were present on sight of him. It was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon when the gunman broke inside the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital with gunfire, and shorts multiple rounds on the people who were present at the hospital at that time.

On the other hand, the police officials got reports of gunshots inside the hospital, and they stormed the place within minutes and searched the hospital building floor by floor, later they found the gunman dead inside the building, where no one noticed first.

Police officials didn’t found anything on the preliminary investigation, thus they setup team for a full-fledged investigation to find the motive behind all, but they have a guess that this is now dead individual might be a former employee of the hospital.

Later, it was revealed by one of the current employees stated that the person with a rifle was indeed an ex-employee, in fact, a doctor, whose name was Dr. Henry Bello, though the motive is still not clear.

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