New protocols regarding travel ban; family bonds to be tested for allowance

New protocols regarding travel ban; family bonds to be tested for allowanceEnforcement of new laws is to be done from 8pm on this Thursday regarding the restrictions on travel ban from 6 predominantly Muslim nations. The embassy and the consulate are being contacted and given the responsibility to look into the matter of the family ties and bonds, to rate them based on closeness and importance and then provide them with the allowance to migrate into the Unites States.

New rigidity is being enforced by Donald Trump that parents can be allowed to immigrate and emigrate but when it comes to grandparents, the allowance gets nullifies. This did ease the migration for a few but ultimately did put to a test family ties, bonds and relationships.

These guidelines are being supported by many and are facing vehement criticism as well. According to the reports, step siblings and half siblings are being allowed to migrate but when it comes to nieces and nephew, they are not being able to enter into the country. The intricacies of relationships are being put to test by USA and are being made even more complicated.

Without clear definition of a bona fide relationship and immediate relative the state announced that grandparents, grand children, cousins, aunts and uncles cannot be considered as members under the family tree directly. Only parents of adult citizens and children under 21 can be considered to be provided with travel allowance. This decision has created a canker in the parliamentary arena.

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