Minor Earthquake Hit Eastern Tennessee, But No Damages Reported

Minor Earthquake Hit Eastern Tennessee, But No Damages ReportedIn Lenoir City, Tennessee, on the eastern sector of the Volunteer State, there was a minor earthquake occurred, which didn’t create any panic and also the seismograph reports show the earthquake was very weak to show any chance of worries.

The occurrence of the earthquake in the region is one of the many that is happened in this year, which has become a part of concerns by many people living in the area, as more earthquakes are happening nowadays than it used to occur in the country before.

On the other hand, some scientist believes that this kind of shocks also used to occur in the 20th century as well, but at that time if a quake occurred, the people will think that they might have vertigo, or similar to that. While, the seismographs of previous time was very much inaccurate than that of nowadays, which also makes a point.

The earthquake occurred in the region which is just 3 miles away from southern areas of Lenoir City, and the seismograph shows the magnitude was 2.6, which is less than to do any damages.

According to the US Geological Survey, who mentioned about the minor earthquake will hit the region within this week, and the quake will be very weak for many to gain any shaking experiences. The organization said, the seismic zone reveals three’s many such quake zones present in the region, which are very active, but at the same time it also mentioned most of them are minor to very less than medium earthquakes.

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