Allegation of chemical attack by United States upon Syria

Allegation of chemical attack by United States upon SyriaFor those who do not know, a tension has been brewing between Russia and USA for quite a long time. According to recent reports the American dispensation is blaming the Syrians for a chemical weapon attack. The American authority claims to detect such an activity in Syria where preparation of such chemical attacks is being made.

Detection of such an offensive activity by Washington in the Syrian airfield did raise a storm of investigation and criticism. The Syrian President, Bashar – al- Assad, is known to dismiss all allegations and denounce the White House assertions as well. This did raise the level of political canker between Moscow and Washington.

Pentagon spokesman captain Jeff Davis stated that USA had noticed some activities which can be related to chemical attack and preparation of chemical weapon at the Shayrat airfield. Specific aircrafts from specific hangars were observed to be used that are related to chemical weapon activity. These are being observed from the past day or two.

This canker rose when all the allegations were dismissed by the Syrian government and the USA dispensation got challenged by Russia. Russia is even known to challenge the USA intelligence. This is constantly increasing the tension among these nations.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that he was not at all aware of such an allegation claiming the preparation of chemical weapon in Syrian airfield. He dismissed such threats on an official level. The allegations made by the USA are being completely waived off by the Syrian dispensation.

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