Coleman’s performance hurts, others break records

Christian Coleman had been an amazing player till date and did prove himself many a time to make his nation proud of him. But according to the reports, his week end performance did not satisfy the audience at all as the disappointment grew when he didn’t win the 200 meters at the USA nationals and the world champion’s auditions to Ameer Webb.

This incident is known to face huge criticism in the arena of sports and this event is being floated by many a news agency. This is stunning for the people who expected more from such a legendary player, Christian Coleman.

This player is known to be left behind by Justin Gatlin; yes, the Olympic silver medallist. He was beaten in the 100 meters on Friday. According to the reports, such performance was not at all expected by the natives of the United State.

In fact quite close, almost a neck to neck competition has been faced by him as he got defeated by 0.01 seconds by Webb, as Webb took 20.09 seconds to win it over. Well this is not the end of disappointment, when it comes to another defeat in the men’s 110 meter hurdles.  On the last day, the women’s 200 meters did also blow up a wind of gloom.

The competition between Aleec Harris and Aries Merritt is also being discussed about. It is also known that Collegian Deajah Stevens defeated Tori Bowie in the women’s 200. This portrays the entire sports ambiance in the United States.

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