Lockdown At Redstone Arsenal Placed After Armed Intruder Alert Imposed, Now Lifted

Lockdown At Redstone Arsenal Placed After Armed Intruder Alert Imposed, Now LiftedIn Huntsville, Alabama, on Tuesday, there was a vivid lockdown at the city’s adjacent area of Redstone Arsenal, because of an armed intruder alert imposed on the sector, which was termed as false later, and then the Army post set back on track, say officials.

According to the reports, the incident took place near to the city of Huntsville; there is an adjacent military census-designated place named Redstone Arsenal, which was entirely locked down by the base authorities. The lockdown was followed by search operations conducted by the personnel inside the sector, but eventually no trespasser was found; instead, people living inside the place got nervous.

At first, the alarm went on, as the authorities have warned for a potential shooter present inside the army post, but after conducting the search operation for several hours, without finding any sign to trace any intruders, the search process was called-off. The operation ended but no shooter found, even the building where the shooting takes place was a hoax, and then the authorities have declared there is no intruder inside, and ordered to stop the lockdown.

The alerts were imposed after there was an unknown individual called to 911 a reported a shooting incident near Building 1501, and thus the lockdown was called on around 10:30 am, which was ended around 12:30 pm. Though there were no trespassers found, the incident will be taken seriously, and thus an investigation will be placed, and the informer will be traced, and the army is ready to go to the root of this incident.

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