A few Questions Recently Fox News Asked The President And His Top Aides

A few Questions Recently Fox News Asked The President And His Top AidesThere are lots happening in America, a debate over health care bill impacting Americans in millions, the North Korea threats, the Russia hacking election shadow looming and its investigations.

With all this going on, there is an increase in the White House restricting administration access. The daily press of Sean Spicer has been off-camera recently and Trump tweets his thoughts or yell at campaign style rallies, besides any time Trump or his aides speak, they lie or make false statements.

In the past 24 days, Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Assistant to the President Ivanka Trump granted a flurry of interviews to these two personalities: Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt and Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth.

Here are all the questions Earhardt and Hegseth asked them:

My question is, why did President Obama’s administration think this agreement was OK for America?

EARHARDT: What was your reaction to that John Kerry said, he said more kids will suffer with asthma this summer as you are pulling out of this agreement?
EARHARDT: The administration last night has asked the Supreme Court to revive the six-country travel ban. Is this the only way to get it through?
Pence said the administration was confident and it would recognize the president’s right to control immigration “in a way that puts the security of our country first.”

EARHARDT: Well, we don’t want a Manchester in the United States. You have children; I have a child. They are targeting kids at this concert. We talked before you sat down, you said that the president called the president of Afghanistan because terrorists targeted an ice cream shop in Afghanistan.
EARHARDT: What is your message to the media?
EARHARDT: What grade would you give the president thus far?
Pence said, “It is the greatest honor to be vice president to President Donald Trump.”

EARHARDT: Wonderful. We asked viewers to write in their questions. I will read a view of them. Phil says, “What is the status of the wall and when it will be completed?”
EARHARDT: Gil wants to know, “Are more campaign-style rallies in the future for yourself and for President Trump?”

(Pence promised the viewers they would see Trump “in a lot of arenas filled to capacity.”)

EARHARDT: Big news today, you didn’t have — you said you didn’t tape James Comey. Do you want to explain that? Why did you want him to believe that you possibly did that?
What do Democrats need to do?
(Trump said the Democrats put “everything” in the most recent special election including consultants and advertising agencies.)

EARHARDT: Hollywood.
EARHARDT: Wouldn’t that be refreshing if we could all come together…
(Trump replied, “It would be so nice.”)

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