Harsh weather knocks both coasts

Harsh weather knocks both coastsThere is severe weather this summer first weekend on both coasts. The extreme heat in the west is still on and an outbreak is expected in several states. Towards the east, the Tropical Storm Cindy has made a big miss to clean.

Torrential rain drenched up to three inches the Northeast falling in parts of New Jersey, a powerful punch from that is left of Tropical Storm Cindy, two days along the Gulf Coast after it made landfall.

The Tropical Storm Cindy remnants slammed New Jersey. This storm left a trail of destruction and spawned a tornado in Pennsylvania, snapping trees around Jim Linley’s home.

Cleaning up is going in Fairfield, Alabama after a tornado EF-2 ripped through the town, while, other Alabama parts, flash floods swamped cars and stranded drivers.

Farther west, in fact, in Utah extreme heat is fueling a 37,000 acre fire. Flames are burning for days, destroying 13 homes.

“A fire of this magnitude does that it wants,” said Jesse Bender of Bureau of Land Management.
Over a dozen wildfires are burning in Arizona, and the governor announced a state of emergency. The fires are in record-breaking, triple-digit temperatures. This week it was 119 degrees in Phoenix that the air was thin even for the planes to take off.

The oppressive heat is anticipated to continue throughout this weekend, with triple-digit temperatures in Portland, Oregon. In Seattle north, this weekend, they could break a record with temperatures to reach 90s there on Sunday.

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