White House clarifies that no intention of firing Mueller, did Trump have

White House clarifies that no intention of firing Mueller, did Trump haveIn accordance with the reports in the United Nations, the White House clarified the matter of the tiff that was going on in the parliamentary arena accusing the President of inclining towards firing Mueller.

Clarification, criticism and analysis regarding this fuss have been given by the dispensation and the officials of the White House. The White House gave clear statements regarding the criticism, analysis and political interpretations of the Russian probe and American intervention in that.

The White House Spokesman also stated that Trump being at the apex of the administration and having power in his dispensation , did not at all intend to fire Robert Mueller and the act was not deliberate or intentional.

According to the news , in a very recent TV show , on Fox news , discussion about firing Comey from his post in FBI , his friendship with Robert Mueller and the entire Russian probe have been vehemently criticised .

The news agencies are floating the topic of Trump’s intention behind firing Comey as well as Robert Mueller. Replacing Comey with Robert Mueller is also facing huge condemnation from the public. In the recent news show on Fox News, Donald Trump clearly stated that there is no hindrance or confusion regarding the Russian Probe and added to it the leaking of information, blaming and accusing Comey. Trump indicated no obfuscation.

Here we can see that Trump stated Mueller as an honourable man and expects the right decision to be made. The law makers are still investigating the matter that if Trump fire Comey to stop further investigation in this Russian Probe.

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