Trump prepares the red carpet for PM Modi, friendship depicted

Trump prepares the red carpet for PM Modi, friendship depictedIn accordance to the news in the United States, The President Mr. Donald Trump is preparing hard for welcoming his friend, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Trump’s excitement and his preparations are quite visible in this arena as he is known to put efforts in the quest of rolling out the red carpet for India’s Prime Minister, Modi.

According to the reports, the Trump dispensation did shift a lot from the former Obama regime, but the contacts and relation with Indian political arena is known to remain almost the same under this rule as well. A warm welcome is being expected by Mr. Modi when the White House announced that a red carpet welcome would be arranged for him. The moment he arrives, he would be welcomed with a grand and royal dinner as well.

Trump also tweeted his excitement about Modi’s arrival and stated that important strategic discussions are to be conducted with a true friend like Modi. This is known to strengthen the bond shared by our nations. This union is expected to discuss about security issues of both the nations along with political grand standing, alleviation of extremism and much more.

 India being a powerful nation in the Asian continent, decisions are to be made having our accordance. The Indian relationship with the Asian Islamic nations such as Pakistan and other countries are also being given importance by The United States as controlling terrorism has become a burning issue in American sphere.

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