Make over and fashionable twists for Ken dolls

Make over and fashionable twists for Ken dollsIn accordance with the reports and news in the United States, the very famous Ken Dolls are known to be given make over and loads of other fashionable changes as well are being incorporated. The conventional look is being infused with a few changes along with a change in the hair style as well .A very cool and fashionable top bun for men has been added to the look of the doll to make it more popular among the hoi polloi.

In fact changes in the skin type, skin colour, body shape, body type, hair styles and outfits are also observed; and this breaks the convention and monotony as well. The always thought concept of masculinity is being modified and is being given a new shape. This Ken doll has been an icon and hence, making any sort of changes means a lot to the common people.

Since, the introduction of this doll in 1961, this is the first ever make over it is undergoing and hence, is a colossal shift as well. New types of outfits such as skinny suits, Faux Hipster plaid, beach bum tanks and a few other styles are being tried to add strokes of changes and versatility to it.

The creativity and the aesthetics are to be enhanced while manufacturing the changed structure, style and outfit is also quite challenging. According to the creator, Mettle, this is for equality of gender and also to enhance the sale and popularity among the masses.

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