The irony of fate- news reports faced a boomerang situation

The irony of fate- news reports faced a boomerang situationAccording to the news in the United States, a news agency was covering a report on crime and stealing in an area near Mexico in USA and the crew got to face the same situation when their van got stolen by a gang.

It is known from the reports that they got back the entire set up that was attacked owing to the GPS tracking device that was allocated and installed inside the news van. This has been a twist of fate for the news crew that the same situation they had been covering for the agency, was faced by them selves.

This took place in the Albuquerque down town area in New Mexico where the news agency was trying to capture footage for story about crimes in the same area. KOB news director Michael Donaldson stated that the vehicle was recovered quite safely owing to the Geographical positioning system they have installed inside the vehicle.

The news states that the agency was in search for stories about the recent concerns regarding increasing crimes in the area and also precautions and safety measures to be taken. Capturing the story about safety from crime and frequency of crime, they themselves got trapped into this unfortunate case.

Reporting about crimes in a specific area got the news agency crew to become victims of same sort of crime in the same area. This has been really ironic to the news agency crew when this case of stealing came as a bolt from the blue. A topsy turvy situation is being observed here.

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