Gatlin wins, making a new record and making the nation proud all over again

Gatlin wins, making a new record and making the nation proud all over againWinners in the arena of sports and athletics uphold their winnings and gallantry in a tautological manner. In accordance with the news in the United States (California) the Olympic silver medallist Justin Gatlin did win a title all over again for the nation making the natives proud enough.

He also proved that age is never a hindrance in the path of success by defeating a favoured young athlete Christian Coleman by taking a lead in the final 20 meters in the 100 meters finals in the US national world’s championships trials on this Friday.

This season, despite facing injury, Gatlin at 35, did perform his best by this victory in 9.95 seconds. New and young players such as Coleman and Chris Belcher were defeated as their records were measured as 9.98 and 10.06 respectively.

As stated by the athlete Gatlin he that this was a hard time to fight and win back the title and the moment was not at all easy for him to go through. This earned him a chance to fight against Asian Bolt once again.

Young energetic and popular players who have been doing quite well in this arena are also being defeated one by one, by Gatlin; especially after defeating the exceptionally talented athlete Coleman.

Another young sprinter is mention worthy here, Ronnie Baker, who also got eliminated in the semi finale. In fact women are also not behind in this firmament as double Olympic medallist Tori Bowie is known to win the women’s 100 in just 10.94 seconds.

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