USAF Thunderbirds Familiarization Flight Gone Rogue & Damaged An F-16 Aircraft

USAF Thunderbirds Familiarization Flight Gone Rogue & Damaged An F-16 AircraftIn Vandalia, Montgomery, Ohio, on Friday, several USAF Thunderbirds were conducting adaptation flight at the city air force base for an upcoming air show at the base, which turns into a mishap zone, as one of the Thunderbirds flipped over the runway moments after it land. After the incident, two pilots who were inside the cockpit of the aircraft was injured and taken to the hospital.

But, when the time of the mishap these two pilots were not showing any sign of injuries, which was later, surfaced after several minutes after they land on the runway, as per some base officials.

According to the report, that was posted by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, as the exact incident happens on June 23, 2017, 12:20 p.m., while the two pilots were still inside the aircraft when it was flipped on the runway. It was the nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base that dispatched a team as to rescue the two pilots from the scene, which was conducted soon after.

By the time the rescue team reached the scene, those two pilots were still inside the cockpit, and they were conscious and didn’t show any sign of physical injuries or other damages. But, it was a few minutes later when they started feeling pain, and been rushed to a nearby hospital, though the status of the pilots is now unknown, and also the physical damages that occurred after the runway incident.

Though the weather was reported bad by the med department, still the flight was conducted, thus reported an investigation.

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