Incredible technical invention; new language among face book chat bots

Incredible technical invention; new language among face book chat botsIn accordance with the reports, the recent research that was conducted in the Facebook artificial intelligence research lab in the United States did discover the facebook chat bots to develop a new means of communication among them that is a machine sort of language.

This language is a non human language and is really crafty as well. This is an example of the leap forging pace of development of technology and science. The dialogue agents were known to chalk out their own language when they were tried to be taught the means of negotiation by the research fellow.

A free conversation and negotiation, communication was endeavoured to be developed in these cat bots and eventually a new form of language is seen developing.  The Atlantic reports said that these cat bots are quite expert and efficient in negotiation.

But these negotiations were not the end, the chat bots kept on adopting new developed technologies and were on a quest to develop them more and more. The systematic and strategic running of the machines and the entire mechanism was to be ensured and developments in the machine language were to be made.

Suppression of human evolution has been feared owing to this artificial intelligence development in the society and hence, warnings were already given by the famous scientist Stephen Hawkins. Concerns have also been conveyed by other eminent personalities such as Bill Gates and Telsa’s Elon Musk. This being a huge scientific development can be a potent threat to human evolution as well.

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