US Military Source: Airstrikes Against Yemeni Al Qaeda Killed One Of Their Senior Leaders

In Djibouti City, Djibouti, on Thursday, the US military officials announced that they had killed a senior leader of Yemeni Al Qaeda, Abu Khattab al Awlaqi by conducting airstrikes in the Arabian Peninsula.

US Military Source Airstrikes Against Yemeni Al Qaeda Killed One Of Their Senior LeadersThe airstrike was conducted after gaining much knowledge of the whereabouts of this Al Qaeda leader, who was traced by the US intelligence agencies for many weeks, and the news of the man is no more, was after several conformations on the incident, says an official.

The airstrike was conducted on June 16, when the Al Qaeda boss Abu Khattab al Awlaqi was killed, and the action was taken under the US Central Command, which listed Awlaqi as one of the top targets in the region. It was said, the man was ruling the stronghold position of Al Qaeda in the Shabwah Governorate, which is now being dismissed by the US military from the air.

Awlaqi was the principal planner and executor of the unstable condition in the region of Southern Yemen, and thus it has become necessary to terminate the person from the region, said in the US Central Command statement.

It is said that since the new Trump government made to the White House, there have been more than 80 airstrike operations have been done on Al Qaeda in Yemen, which was far more than the previous ones, 38 airstrikes in 2016 and 22 airstrikes in 2015.

A new leader might erupt up from Al Qaeda to lead it, but it will take time, till then it is the chance to take over the place.

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