Mom Killed 2 Toddlers By Locking Inside Hot Car In Texas, Arrested On Friday

Mom Killed 2 Toddlers By Locking Inside Hot Car In Texas, Arrested On FridayIn Weatherford, Parker County, Texas, on Friday, a 25-year old woman got arrested by the county police officials, as she is charged with killing her two children by left them in a hot car, which happens in the month of May.

It was reported later that, the mom left her kids “inside the car to teach them a lesson for their mischiefs,” she also mentioned about her children who behave very naughty and this was to punish them, but she didn’t mean to kill them, says an investigator.

According to the report placed by the investigators from the Parker County Sheriff’s Department, where it was published that the police have arrested the accused Cynthia Marie Randolph in connection with the deaths occurred in the previous month of May. She is accused of killing her own kids, where both of them were mere toddlers, one was a 2-year old girl, and another was a just 16-month old boy.

Randolph is charged with leaving her two toddlers inside a hot car for several hours which caused their deaths for remaining inside the car without sufficient oxygen and under a scorching sun that was about 96 degrees outside the car.

Police also said that Randolph had changed her story many times before, which prompted the police to arrest her, because of doubt in her stories. Once she also admitted that she left her kids inside the car and locked them for several hours, to teach them a lesson for being naughty, but later she changed that to protect herself.

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