Incident Happen In St. Louis, Now Described As Racial Discrimination

Incident Happen In St. Louis, Now Described As Racial DiscriminationIn St. Louis, Missouri, a mere mistake was by a white cop publicized as a racial incident, when an on-duty white cop shot an off-duty black cop, who didn’t recognize the person as a cop and thus shot due to a black suspect was on the run.

The incident happened when the off-duty cop whose race is black went on to help other cops, when his different racial origin comes to discrimination by a police officer from another race, says the wounded officer’s lawyer’s assistant.

According to the incident recorded by the St. Louis Police Department, its interim police chief Lawrence O’Toole stated in a press conference that an off-duty black officer who is in his late 30s got shot by a white on-duty officer in mistaking him as the suspect.

It was when the off-duty officer heard disturbance near his house, and he ran out to look for it with his service sidearm, and then precede towards some police officials to help them. Now two officers ordered him to go down on the ground, but suddenly, they recognized him and asked him to come towards them, on the other hand, another cop came on the scene and seeing an armed person walking towards other officers, so he shot him.

The incident is not the first time when a white officer shot a black cop, but it happens many times in history, does a question arises, should the white people change their mentality on blacks or the black community should retaliate again like before.

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