Facebook’s new mission what it is

Facebooks new mission what it isWith nearly 2 billion people in the world checking in every month, it makes sense for Facebook to deal with sticky issues. The social network is experiencing increasing pressure to stay head on.
On Thursday, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company is coming with a new vision. He said it is shifting its focus from connecting individuals to building communities, thereby namely getting more people joining the Facebook groups.

The change is summed up in the new mission statement of the company: “Give people power to build community and bring world closer together.”

Facebook is accused of contributing to filter bubbles and people see news and opinions reinforcing their existing biases and beliefs. It is not the algorithms of the Facebook’s alone. They have created to choose friends, the people to mute, and the stories to click.

Striving to get people involved more in groups probably will exacerbate the problem. Facebook users may end up spending in groups more time organized around a view or belief of a shared political.

Zuckerberg denies that filter bubbles are rife. He believes memberships in groups will expose more opinions to people, by helping “people meet new people and thus new perspectives will broaden their horizons.”

On Facebook, groups are set to Secret, meaning users do not see them in search results. There are good reasons for secrecy mainly safety and privacy but dangerous organizations use the groups as bases to recruit new members.

Facebook outlined recently its plans on the social network to combat terrorism. It uses its artificial intelligence to scan posts, images and profiles to remove or identify bad actors. The company also employs 150 people aiming counter-terrorism.

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