Shooting being live streamed on face book live

Shooting being live streamed on face book liveThe use of the technology of live streaming on face book live is widely in vogue and hence, in each and every part of the globe, people are using the same to gain likes, comments and shares over social media platform. According to the news a very quirky live streaming was being made in the United States when the shooting of a few people were being captured live. This incident got a few people injured and they got captured in a live streaming as well.

Police were known to rush to the destination where near a vacation resort the incident took place. A bystander was seen live streaming a shoot. According to the CBS news reported on Sunday, the incident did injure a few and the wounded ones were carried to the South Carolina hospital. At the Myrtle Beach, the gun man was seen opening fire when there was a fight among a few.

According to the police at the Myrtle Beach, the fight initiated the shooting when the gun man could not hold his rage. The squabble was the reason for the belligerent to pull out his gun and open fire among the other people.

This entire incident was live streamed by a bystander and this did alert the police there.  This helped the police to arrest the attacker and send him behind the bars. This technology of live streaming did completely take a new turn when this disastrous and dangerous incident got captured and alert the police even.

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