Australia Will Resume Its Airstrike Operations Against IS Group In Syria By This Week

Australia Will Resume Its Airstrike Operations Against IS Group In Syria By This WeekIn Canberra, Australia, it was earlier this week that the Australian military authorities had taken the decision to suspend its airstrikes on the various locations in Syria against the IS group, and now it says the decision will be reversed within this week.

The decision of suspending all active airstrike operations was taken due to the actions are done by the US military, when one of its naval fighter jets shot down a Syrian fighter aircraft, which was earlier this week. And, in return, the Russians authorities told to the America and its allies not to enter the Syrian airspace, in particular on the eastern side of the country, where if entered, then the consequences will not be good.

As per the Defense Department of Australia said on Tuesday, that there are six Royal Australian Air Force fighters are based in a UAE base, and all the aircraft in the Australian inventory are F/A-18F Super Hornets, which are the same as the US fighter shot down the Syrian one.

On the other hand, the situation was tense as the Royal Australian Air Force was worried about its airstrikes, as it uses the same aircraft as the US Navy, which might be the target if entered the airspace barred by Russian military authorities. The reason was valid, as there are only six of Aussie fighters in the region, but the airstrikes will soon be to its state when the officials studied the airspace of Syria, as it is one of the most complex airspaces now in the world as many nations’ involvements.

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