Russia, Jordan & Us Will Hold Meeting While Syrian Army Declares 2-Day Combat Cessation

Russia, Jordan & Us Will Hold Meeting While Syrian Army Declares 2-Day Combat CessationIn Beirut, Lebanon, on Saturday morning, a statement announced by the Syrian military, which was to end all the combat operations for 48 hours, in the region of the southern city of Daraa. This initiative is argued to impose because it’s been 6 years that the nation is at war, and this step of ending all combat actions in the region for 2 days will sustenance of national reunion after several years of violence, says a Syrian official.

In the duration of several months, the month of May has seemed to be the most violent in all ways of the fighting took place in the region of Daraa, which is also the place where the civil war begins in the year 2011. The government has tried its best and also other leaded countries tries to take over this Daraa region which is one of the most important locations in the nation.

On the other hand, a Western representative said in Beirut that there would be closed-door meetings are on holding in Amman, where the US, Jordan and Russia are discussing on how to close the aggressive between the present insurgents and the Syrian government in the southern part. As per the US diplomats, the main prime enemy is the ISIS, but the Syrian government also held its stand against the rebels, who are also fighting ISIS, and this has to stop because of extreme circumstances.

The US-led coalition forces along with the Russians are oratory the borders of a cease-fire line between the rebels and the government.

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