Iraqi Troops Pushed To Last IS Stronghold In Mosul’s Old City

Iraqi Troops Pushed To Last IS Stronghold In Mosuls Old CityIn Baghdad, on Sunday, Iraqi forces have expanded its troops closer to the last stronghold position of IS, which is in the oldest part of the city of Mosul to launch the final strike on this strong position of ISIS to end an eight-month devastating campaign, says, Iraqi commander.

The US-backed the Iraqi forces in many ways, and now they are showing their true nature, by defeating the treacherous regime of the Islamic States from the region, and now pushing them to their stronghold.

History records the Old City been captured and recaptured by the IS group and the Iraqi forces for long, thus currently the city is from the IS group, from whom Iraqi troops will take the city back.

According to the statement made by Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Rasheed Yar Allah, who is currently commanding all the army operations in the Ninevah provinces, said this last battle major strike to overtake the IS would probably begin on Sunday. The composition of the forces that will attack the city is joint ventures between the regular army, the federal police, and the Iraqi Special Forces, who will try their best to take Old City again in years.

On the other hand, the national television service aired a live video which states gunfire began in the Old City. And, it is also come to know that leaflets have been distributed among the civilians to ask them to leave the danger zones and go to the safer corridors.

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