An Initiative To Relieve Women From Their Monthly Pain

An Initiative To Relieve Women From Their Monthly PainThe researchers in the United States are trying to find an effective way out for relieving women from the pain they suffer while the 4-5 days of periods. There is no doubt that the excessive abdominal cramps, the nautical tendency and the fatigue among women during their monthly bleedings are sometimes intolerable and are a hindrance at important times as well.

Hence, medical marijuana is known to be the new way out for easing out those cramps that pains while periods. The studies that have been carried out recently are quite interesting. In accordance to the reports, a member of the New York state assembly Democrat Linda Rosenthal, a person can be declared eligible to purchase medical marijuana if she is having it to ease out period’s pain and cramp.

In this case the purchase of this addictive object would not be considered as illegal. This is simply an idea that has been proposed but yet to be approved as a concrete law in the nation. The bill is known to be passed and approved by the assembly’s health committee.  Then another approval will be required from the New York senate and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

This is known to be a huge decision taken which is really beneficial on the part of the women especially in such a developed country where most of the women are working women and are engaged in their daily routines outside their homes. This marijuana is known to provide with relief that relaxes the abdominal muscles and eases out the stretching and cramps.

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