Dying malls in the US are transformed into churches

Dying malls in the US are transformed into churchesThe disaster of retail sweeps hundreds of malls in the US and they are deserted. Luckily, a few are transformed into different places.

Empty malls are revamped as fitness centers, public libraries, offices, movie theaters, medical clinics, and also as churches.

Developers building new malls are undercutting another property and the properties that are older needs every decade to be repositioned or they will die.

Worshipping at a mall sounds strange but that is the reality that f people across the US are aware of. It is of course like visiting a church inside a mall.

Usually when malls die, it has reasons such as there was high competition from other malls, etc. Thus replacing it with retail is not the right move. There are many interesting things and so turning it into an office space, churches, medical centers, civic functions, schools and universities, are some of them that help in disaster recovery.

There are nearly 40 malls that have been bulldozed. One such is Belmar in Lakewood, Colo, outside Denver. This was formerly the Villa Italia Mall, a regional mall, a superblock site on a 100 acre site. Today its 22 blocks are urban walkable streets connecting the neighboring streets.

In the ground floor there are a lot of shops and on the top of it there are apartments or offices. This has tripled the site density and quadrupled the revenue of tax receiving. In fact, it cut traffic as most people now walk to complete their needs daily.

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