Afghan Army Soldier Open Fire That Wounded Seven Us Soldiers

Afghan Army Soldier Open Fire That Wounded Seven Us SoldiersIn Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan, inside a military camp nearby the third largest city in Afghanistan, the situation got out of control just before the US sanctioned to send more American troops to train the Afghani forces to fight against Taliban and ISIS. The situation got worse when an Afghani soldier positioned with a rifle and spread bullets all over the base on this Saturday, especially where American soldiers were staying, leaving 7 wounded American soldiers, says US officials.

The attack occurred in the military camp around 2 o’clock in the afternoon when the soldiers were put out of the guard, and the attacker attacked the camp which leaves seven Americans and one Afghani wounded in action, which was later shot and killed by other soldiers. Afterward, those seven us troops were medically evacuated, while the Afghani personnel was not that serious thus, not evacuated yet the wounds were stabilized. The Afghani soldier was wounded when he was trying to stop the attacker, who just gets caught in the middle of an unwanted crossfire.

On the other hand, the Taliban spokespersons have praised the attacks but they still not have claimed the attack, not did the Islamic States, and this is also the second such attack on a military base holding foreign troops got attacked in just on weeks.

On June 10, three soldiers killed by another gunman in an Achin district camp.

The US officials condemned the attack, and also mentioned this situation will not be tolerated, as there are 8,400 troops are there at present, and more will join.

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