3 Total Including 2 Juveniles Charged For Shooting At Playground In Chicago

3 Total Including 2 Juveniles Charged For Shooting At Playground In ChicagoIn Chicago, on Saturday night the police announced the charges of attempted murder on 3 individuals that include 2 juveniles, who are all involved in shooting and wounding two very young girls while they were playing during a school picnic at a playground in the city.

According to the statement released by the Chicago Police Department who announced the charges on the 3 individuals on a Saturday night, it was to state that Raekwon Hudson, who is 18-year old, along with two 16 year and 17 year old boys were involved in the shooting. All of them are being charged with felony motivated battery, offensive criminal trespass to others vehicles, and attempted first degree murder, which is solid for them to keep in police custody.

These individuals were accused of shooting in the playground that was outside the Warren Elementary School, which left two minor girls injured, though the injuries weren’t life-threatening, these younglings suffer a lot. One of the girls is only 13-year-old who got shot in hand, while the other who got shot in her leg was not even more than 7-years old.

These two girls were playing on the ground when the shooting took place, though these weren’t the targets, the shooters fired the bullets for fun, as per a part of the ongoing investigation, which still searching for proper motives. The suspects have been taken into custody shortly after the incident occurred, along with a suspected vehicle recovered that was standing beside the school on that day.

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