Southwestern Part Of The USA Suffering From Heat Waves Causing Health Hazards

Southwestern Part Of The USA Suffering From Heat Waves Causing Health HazardsIn Phoenix, Arizona, state weather service forecast the mark 120 degrees in the desert city along with dangerous heat waves that can cause health hazards in the region along with the whole southwestern part of the country. This temperature with excessive heat wave is recorded as the highest in twenty years and more in the region’s history, which might be life-threatening for many who don’t take enough precautions.

According to the statement released by the National Weather Service, which said the southwest region of the country should prepare for the massive feel of heat waves with broiling temperature, especially in the desert city of Phoenix.

The NWS also said in the city of Phoenix, and the temperature will reach up to 120 degrees, and not only that the temperature of the adjacent areas, in fact, the city of Las Vegas and southern part of California will also feel somehow same temperature and heat waves. These regions might face problems as the people living there will face health hazards as the ever rising temperature along with heat waves which prompt the authorities to prepare with emergency medical support and other facilities.

Most of the nearby cities in the region would face temperature up to 110 degrees, while the problem arises in the places where the temperature is more than 120 degrees, and Phoenix will be the first to face that rage from nature.

NSW also asked to the authorities and the people living in the region to take precaution while going out to survive the heat rage.

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