Amazon is offering 2% to its Prime members

Amazon is offering 2% to its Prime membersAmazon will be giving its Prime members an opportunity to spend more if they agree to throw away their credit cards. Amazon is introducing a program Prime Reload and this program offers its prime members a bonus if they pay using their debit card.

There are few complications, but most part of the program seems straightforward. First you must give Amazon your debit card number, bank account and routing info. You must directly transfer cash into an Amazon account. And pay for your stuff on Amazon using that balance. This indicates there is a need for you to part your personal bank detail to Amazon, while the company takes the amount for your purchases.

In exchange, Amazon is giving a 2 percent bonus on the cash loaded into its system this way. This indicates that the buyer’s money is going to get stuck in the hands of Amazon and this is a wonderful idea and an excellent deal for people or consumers who are regular buyers of this site. They can buy their stuff as they want and for such buyers this deal of Amazon is a lot to the prime members.

Certainly, Amazon has made a very smart move and in this way the company can save on the fess of the pricey credit cards that it has to bear. Those fees mostly add to nearly 2 percent and the same is announced by Amazon to give it as bonus to its customers, the prime members. Thus the company will make savings and also pass some to its customers

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