Trump’s State Visit To Britain Put On Hold

Trumps State Visit To Britain Put On HoldA week ago Theresa May, being the first foreign leader to visit Mr. Trump at the white house, had extended a token of invitation from the Queen of Britain to Mr. Trump and his dear wife, Melania, to visit the state of Britain by the end of this year. The Queen was highly delighted by the news that Mr. Trump had actually accepted her mere proposal.

However Mr. Trump, in a recent week, informed Theresa May, over phone call that he would not go ahead with a Britain tour until the British people accept his visit with gratitude. The US president did not wish for a large scale protest by the news of his arrival at Britain. Theresa May was quite surprised by the news.

Lord Ricketts, the former adviser of national security, and many other senior diplomats bullied by commenting that the invitation made by the Queen to Mr. Trump was quite premature but it was quite impossible to overrule any invitation once made. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, twitted that the U.S. president’s words were quite welcomed.

However in accordance to the reports, Lewis Lukens, the acting US ambassador, clashed with Trump by praising Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, for strong leadership over the terror attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market.

Just few days before Sadiq Khan had been criticized by Trump for his response in the terror attack. Khan’s department pointed Trump’s fault later but the U.S. president responded by accusing London’s mayor. Khan called on the government of UK to revoke Trump’s invitation.

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