As The Jury Revisits Evidence, Cosby’s Life Gets Adjourned

As The Jury Revisits Evidence, Cosbys Life Gets AdjournedAfter Andrea Constand’s claim against Bill Cosby, dozens of women also say that he assaulted them. According to Andrea, the comedian molested her and drugged her at his home in Philadelphia, in 2004. Hence the jury revisited evidence and they entered the second day of deliberations. Ms.Constand,44-year-old, was given an undisclosed cash after she settled a lawsuit with Bill Cosby in the year 2006.

Mr. Cosby’s lawyer argued that the sex between the parties was consensual. He is on trial for Andrea Constand’s allegation. According to her, Mr. Cosby gave her three blue pills before assaulting her. Mr. Cosby’s wife, Camille Cosby, was in court with her husband on Monday morning but was absent on Tuesday morning when Andrea Constand was present in the court. If Mr. Cosby gets sentenced then he might face a decade spending in prison cell.

Extracts from Cosby’s downfall were read aloud in court after he denied to testify in this case. The extracts spoke about the type of contacts and the number he had with Ms. Constand. Bill Cosby, 79, revealed to the police officials that the pills he gave to Ms. Constand were Benadryl, a cold and allergy medicine.

“After our necking session, I wanted her to be comfortable and relaxed and be able to go to sleep,” he told the police. Lawyers of Mr. Cosby didn’t put much effort as they rested their case after presenting one witness. Although the lawyers did put in that Ms. Constand hid her romantic relation that was on with the comedian.

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