Fans Check Out Merchandise At Stores Near To The Arenas

Fans Check Out Merchandise At Stores Near To The ArenasThis is the first time that fans are more interested in the merchandise more than the US championships itself. The stores are crowded with fans who are buying things like T-shirts, jeans and track pants as well a lot more other things are being sold in the stores at exceptionally reasonable rates. Original merchandise from Nike, Puma and Addidas is being sold in these stores. Fan jerseys and a lot more things related to the US championships are being sold.

This is one of the biggest games ever in the history of United States till now where more than a million people come up to attend the games as spectators and teams from all over the country come up and participate and give out their best. The games are about to start on the 12th of June so fans are already pouring into Wisconsin and the hotels are on the rocks.

On the other hand security measures are also high all over Wisconsin in order to avoid any kind of mishap owing to what we saw in the last days in the other national level and international level games that are happening all over the globe.

So let’s all wait now for the 12th where there will be a lot of action geared up to happen. Apart from that the fact that makes these games huge is the prize money that the participants get after they win the games. Every year millions are invested and cores earned from these games.

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