Ohio Subway Robbery Video Gone Viral, Because Told To Get A Job

In Warren, Ohio, a Subway restaurant, a robbery took place, and when the robber demand for money, a woman replied and told the robber to get a job instead of robbing and stealing from others, and not from this cash register. The total incident was registered in a camera by a fellow Subway worker, who then posts the video on social media, and gets thousands of views, as per some media officials.

As per the video, a person came inOhio Subway Robbery Video Gone Viral, Because Told To Get A Jobto a Subway joint on last Tuesday, and demands for money, but in reply, gets by the present cashier, Cathy Stafford, whose reply was to the robber to get a job instead of asking money from a restaurant’s cash register. The words came to the mouth of Stafford was unbelievable for all the people present inside the place, including the robber and also Stafford, who cannot believe she told that to the robber.

The incident was a real shock to the robber as well as to the people present in the restaurant, and the questioning didn’t also stop there, there was more, she also asked the robber if he knows about the other recent robberies happening in the region.

On the other hand, the people who were present at the place was also got shocked due to the reaction from Stafford, because no one knows the robber might get angry and even kill her. But, instead the robber left the place, and Sierra Harper, another worker, recorded the video and even posted it.

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