Muslim Terrorists Crushed By Philippines Troops With Help From US Spy Planes

Muslim Terrorists Crushed By Philippines Troops With Help From US Spy PlanesIn Iligan, Philippines, on Saturday, a three-week fight between the Filipino forces and the Islamic militants come to an end, with the help of American spy planes, which helped them to siege the city situated in the southern part of the country, says official. The siege took place three weeks before, and still now there were 13 servicemen from the Philippine Marines were killed, and there was also an incident that is recorded as the biggest loss for the government in a single day.

According to the report, which was released by the Filipino government officials, and these officials confirmed that the involvement of US Navy in this siege at the end, and help the Philippine Marines emerged victorious, by assisting with a spy plane.

The US Navy aircraft provided surveillance for the Filipino troops, in the Marawi region on Friday, and ending the urban insurrection. The entire mission was done at the request of the Philippine Government, along with their military officials who also asked for the US support, and it seems the United States were not interested at first in the region, but they agreed when asked for help.

The Navy appointed a P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft, which is capable of flying high, yet providing surveillance to the needed region and as per many witnesses the aircraft hovering around the skies in the specific position related to the region.

The US military came as a great relief for the marines, who till now lost more than a dozen and above 40 injured.

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